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Egg-citing hunt

Easter and Saturday. Snow in the air and a cold, rather uninviting yard. But that does not stop our tradition of egg hunting. Our plastic eggs from expat time in Michigan have served us well and still do. We also hide the larger Swedish eggs filled with candy – my favorite is marcipane eggs with a thin chocolate layer and a pastel colored crust.

In the morning I boil the breakfast eggs with some yellow onion peel to make them yellow. We also paint some eggs for lunch using food coloring pens. Real messy but a must.

Lamb is a favorite for lunch/dinner!


What are your traditions for Easter?


Easter fire and Blåkulla

It was believed that the Easter witches during the week of Easter flew to a place called Blåkulla and then back again. In order to try and scare them away on their return bon fires were lit. We still have the tradition of the fires, mostly on the West coast and south of Sweden. Fires are lit on the Saturday of Easter.


Swedish Easter Tradition of Feathers

In Sweden we decorate twigs of birch with feathers for Easter. We usually put this “påskris” indoors, in a vase, but outdoors is seen too, and some people even decorate trees in the garden. I do. There is nothing else to cheer up the garden this time of year.

Not only feathers liven up the twigs; eggs are popular too, as are chickens.