Conversion galore

How much is a dl?

Moving between countries and continents can cause moments of confusion also in the kitchen. Once we have managed to decipher and find the – at least almost – proper ingredients there’s the task of converting volume and weight to something recognizable enough not to make our dish or pastry completely inedible. The conversions causing the deepest sighs in my kitchen are probably the ones where volume needs to be replaced by mass or vice versa.

Long time ago I bought measurement cups that specify both ml, cups and fl. oz. Quite handy. Whenever I need more help I google.

However I came across an app with pretty much all the conversations I can think of; apart from weight and volume a few examples are currency, distance, temperature. You can also convert within the areas of yarn, running, price comparisons and dog years. Ok, so it does not contain clothes and women’s shoe sizes (only mens shoe sizes for some reason). Now that’s a minus!

The app also comes with a tip calculator. And if you are in Sweden/are a Swede; a function for splitting the bill. 😉

The iphone version of the app is free for download here

Speaking of cooking; to be able to quickly convert measurements of different kinds is surely also on the rise the more we search for recipes online; the more we share our food culture online.


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