National Day of Sweden & shoelaces

“6 juni”. This used to be Swedish Flag Day. At school, as a teen, we celebrated with parade and flags. I remember once wearing shoelaces in yellow and blue. I don´t think I have celebrated since. Not in Sweden, but as a Swedish expat for sure. That´s what happens when you move abroad. The heritage you always took for granted becomes important.

June 6 was renamed National Day in 1983. Only made a public holiday seven years ago I guess not enough time has passed to establish any traditions. Why not start now? Consider the fact that we actually are able to celebrate – not a sure thing everywhere. Think about generations to come – traditions have to start somewhere! Do it for the children! Involve them.

Who is most likely to celebrate? Swedes abroad? Expats in Sweden? Hemvändare/repats? New Swedes? How will you celebrate?  Any suggestions where to go or what to do?

Jordgubbstårta (strawberry cake) will be part of my new traditional National Day of Sweden. I might go for the shoelace-thing too.

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3 thoughts on “National Day of Sweden & shoelaces”

  1. Sadly to say, I have no traditions whatsoever, when it comes to the Swedish National Day. However, since it became a public holiday I have at least started to think about what traditions we should have in our family. This year we will go to Kungsbacka, where they´ll have free cake…

  2. I have had some input from real life and twitter, and will share them here.
    Nice dinner, barbecue/grill out, strawberry cake, strawberries, table flags, flag, yellow and blue clothes, Apslätten in Gothenburg, friends, pic-nics, singing, sleeping in, never, not at all!

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