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Repatriation – immigration to passport country

20% of all people immigrating to Sweden during 2012 were repatriates (source SCB Befolkningsstatistik 2012). Repatriation is usually not planned for as much as is expatriation. But returning to a passport country can often be even harder than leaving it. Not expecting it to be difficult – after all you are going home – can be a great cause. Also, the people that stayed behind expect you to fit in immediately and be familiar with everything. This means you might not get the help and understanding you could have had use for. Things change and you have probably changed too.

When I returned to Sweden I had some reentry assistance. I was then told that within a few years of repatriation a majority of the people either expatriate again, divorce or leave the employer that invested in sending them abroad in the first place. What a waste of globally experienced work force! I´m pretty sure that with acknowledgement and adequate support on coming home; as well as when going away; this figure can be lowered.

If you are thinking of returning, or know someone who is, at least find out what to expect. It is good to make an informed decision and easier if you are prepared.


National Day of Sweden & shoelaces

“6 juni”. This used to be Swedish Flag Day. At school, as a teen, we celebrated with parade and flags. I remember once wearing shoelaces in yellow and blue. I don´t think I have celebrated since. Not in Sweden, but as a Swedish expat for sure. That´s what happens when you move abroad. The heritage you always took for granted becomes important.

June 6 was renamed National Day in 1983. Only made a public holiday seven years ago I guess not enough time has passed to establish any traditions. Why not start now? Consider the fact that we actually are able to celebrate – not a sure thing everywhere. Think about generations to come – traditions have to start somewhere! Do it for the children! Involve them.

Who is most likely to celebrate? Swedes abroad? Expats in Sweden? Hemvändare/repats? New Swedes? How will you celebrate?  Any suggestions where to go or what to do?

Jordgubbstårta (strawberry cake) will be part of my new traditional National Day of Sweden. I might go for the shoelace-thing too.

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