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Gothenburg Travel Fair a Sign of Spring

Winter is about to lose its grip of Gothenburg. A sign of spring is the annual travel fair TUR. As a kid I went to collect stickers and candy. Exhibitors still give out stickers but who collects them theese days, honestly?

Later I went to collect information about travel destinations abroad and to be inspired to travel.

Nowadays I visit the fair to discover more on Sweden, the country to which I have returned after expatriate life.

The fair opens to the public on Friday March 22 and closes on Sunday. 500 exhibitors, more than 90 countries and regions represented make sure there is something for everyone to discover. There are usually great offers and packages too. See official website here – in Swedish.

My tips to you
– comfy shoes
– backpack for the catalogues

My pro tip
– lightweight cabin bag with weels. The best. Particularly for bookfairs.

Happy hunting!


Today I visited the Swiss Alps. And Versailles. And Asia.

Today I felt like visiting the Swiss Alps. So I did. It was snowy on Jungfrau-Aletsch, but the impressive view spanned over a green landscape. It was fairly cold up here though so I longed for a warmer place. And wished to experience the beautiful coast of southern Liguria once again. I did. Cinque Terre.

I also took a stroll in the park of Versailles. Since I was already there, nothing could stop me from peeking inside the castle.

One word of hint: googleworldwondersproject

Alright, four words: Google World Wonders Project

If you haven´t been – GO!  http://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/worldwonders/

Tomorrow perhaps I will take my family on a trip to Yellowstone. Or Stonehenge. Possibly both.

Nothing beats real life. But if you can´t go, right when you want to, this project takes you. I find it fascinating, as I do with the Google Art Project.


TUR 2012 Swedish International Tourism &Trade fair /culture and destinations

Visit TUR at Svenska Mässan for travelling ideas. If an expat be sure to check out the exhibitions covering Swedish destinations. If Swedish – be sure to check out exhibitions covering Swedish destinations … we should all be tourists in our own country; something we often neglect.

Våren är här – TUR mässan är här! Besök för inspiration om resor och kultur.  Svenskar uppmanar jag att särskilt utforska delen med svenska utställare – var turist i ditt eget land! Låtsas att du bara ska bo i Sverige i ett år till – gör en lista över vad du vill se innan “du flyttar utomlands”! Då blir det av!