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Ogiltiga sedlar efter 30 juni 2016/ Invalid banknotes after June 30 2016

Efter den 30 juni 2016 blir tre av våra svenska sedlar ogiltiga. Följ länken nedan för att läsa mer, och kontrollera plånböcker och spargrisar! 
After June 30 2016 three of the Swedish banknotes will be invalid. Follow the link below to learn more and check your wallets and piggy banks!


There is also an app “kolla pengarna” which allowes you to keep track of timeline for banknotes/ coins changes and learn about the new ones. 

Learn a few words before you travel

Knowing at least a bit of the local language is important to adapt to a new culture. Learn how to greet before your move, and how to say thank you, and teach your kids too. This is a good start when arriving. I remember my mother taught me how to say “play” in German, on the ferry, when I at the age of seven went to Germany for the first time. It was a very good word to know to start playing with other kids on the boat.

Also for vacationing purposes it is fun to know a bit of the local language. When I was working as an Italian teacher the basic courses usually involved a lot of tourist conversations – food, restaurants, travelling, shopping, accommodation. And the text books contained quite a few pretty pictures 😉 .

Some try to learn the language before they go, some start once they get there. I have done both. What about you? What worked well?



Spring – for a while at least.

Spring is definitely in the air. It is still cold, but it is sunny!! Birds are singing and the little snow we have had this season is long gone. It is not pitch dark but bright day light when I get up in the morning.The daffodills grow each day and I´ve had coffee outside in the garden twice already. It can only get better. But according to the weather news it can appararantly get worse too. Winter is supposed to be back for a visit next week, and March promises to be the coldest March in a long time. Warmer times will not be here until May. WHAT???

So, during lunch break I needed to step outside for a few minutes in my new spring shoes before the snow revisits. I took the opportunity to shoot a short video for teaching Swedish while I was at it.