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Hello mailbox – where have all the postcards gone?

Don’t you just love getting proper mail? I’m not talking about the data filling up your e-mail inbox. I’m talking about crisp letters you can actually feel in your hands; slowly tear open to reveal its content. Proper letters and postcards are special. Magazines are fine too. Bills and flyers are what mostly greet me when I peak into my mail box though. Sad. But I have to admit I don’t send many cards myself by postal service (unless it’s Christmas). And letters – almost never. Most of my postal mail exchange is with expat friends, or friends I got to know during my expatriate adventures. Sometimes I also send letters to my Swedish conversation students, containing articles from magazines and newspapers to read and work with.

The other day I stumbled upon a cool project on swapping postcards. You send 10 DIY postcards and get 10 back. Problem solved :). Follow the link here to read more on iHanna’s blog! Hurry to sign up and get crafting! Be sure to visit the blog to see Hanna’s wonderfully colorful creations!