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Sunshine smoothie without Hepatitis A & cooked berries

Good morning! It’s Saturday and a lazy breakfast is on the schedule. I’m looking forward to my warm smoothie.



Well a few days back the Swedish National Food Agency issued the recommendation to cook all frozen berries for at least one minute before eating them. Frozen berries are suspected to (temporarily) carry Hepatitis A virus.

Cooked berries does not work in my smoothies (unless I plan ahead and refreeze the now half mashed cooled down berries in ice cube trays loosing vitamins due to the cooking). Options; raid the fruit bowl and go for the oranges instead.

My ingredients for sunshine smoothie without poop virus:

Banana (semi frozen if I have)
Frozen mango
Oatly (oat drink)
Dash of flaxseed oil (for Omega 3)

Amounts of each depends on how thick I want it and how frozen the mangos and bananas are. Real juicy oranges need more frozen mango!




Expat hand-me-downs

Living a life where you meet people from different cultures and parts of the world equals living a life of constant discovery and learning. You taste new food, learn about other views of life and take part in  fascinating traditions. I have written about Cinco de Mayo and Cheese fondue, of Fredagsmys and Midsummer. I have also pointed out, to myself, that a lot of traditions are food related :). I love trying new dishes, and gladly collect recipes from friends called Martha, google and … well, closer friends too.

Naomi has also been thinking about food secrets and hand-me-downs. If you’re an expat you know that it’s not only easily stored artifacts like recipes that is left behind when nomadic people set off on their next adventure. You can read about Naomi’s thoughts here and learn what some people have shared on their expatriate journeys.

Do you have any treasured expat hand-me-downs? Did you leave something behind?