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Red and ripe and Swedish lesson

Swedish strawberries.
Svenska jordgubbar.
So sweet and longed for. We Swedes always claim Swedish strawberries are the best; special. Grown in the open, taking their time to ripen they are a must on Midsummer. As almost every day during summer. Is there a better snack really? I love having them for breakfast too. On top of the muesli and sometimes on a piece of freshly baked bread with cream cheese.

Sometimes I pick my own strawberries; living in Switzerland a Swedish friend and I hired a babysitter to take the babies on a walk along the fields so we could introduce the toddlers to strawberry picking! Not price smart, however that was not the point.

Swedish lesson:

en jordgubbe – a/one strawberry
två jordgubbar – two strawberries
den jordgubben – that strawberry
mogna jordgubbar – ripe strawberries
Jordgubbarna är söta. The strawberries are sweet.
jordgubbssylt – strawberry jam
jordgubbssaft – strawberry juice/squash/cordial
en jordgubbstårta – a strawberry cake
att rensa jordgubbar – to rinse strawberries
att snoppa jordgubbar – to hull strawberries

#Worldcolors April

I’m on a mission to find yellow. Both here in Sweden and in my extensive collection of photos from my expat time and travels.

This month’s #worldcolors is all about the sunny, golden yellowish nuances. Suits well with the arrival of spring and longer sun hours. Daffodils however – don’t think they will actually be here in April due to the long winter and late arrival of spring.

I read about the “assignment” yesterday morning in Naomi’s blog (via twitter). My brain and eyes tuned in on yellow and focused on everything of that color I saw during the day – actually a bit annoying; either it wasn’t worth taking a picture of or it was something I drove by and couldn’t capture anyway.

If you would like to read more, see interesting photos from all over the world and perhaps participate you find the details over at Anne’s at part time traveler.

BTW. Yellow is gul in Swedish. Want to know how it is pronounced?



Sunshine smoothie without Hepatitis A & cooked berries

Good morning! It’s Saturday and a lazy breakfast is on the schedule. I’m looking forward to my warm smoothie.



Well a few days back the Swedish National Food Agency issued the recommendation to cook all frozen berries for at least one minute before eating them. Frozen berries are suspected to (temporarily) carry Hepatitis A virus.

Cooked berries does not work in my smoothies (unless I plan ahead and refreeze the now half mashed cooled down berries in ice cube trays loosing vitamins due to the cooking). Options; raid the fruit bowl and go for the oranges instead.

My ingredients for sunshine smoothie without poop virus:

Banana (semi frozen if I have)
Frozen mango
Oatly (oat drink)
Dash of flaxseed oil (for Omega 3)

Amounts of each depends on how thick I want it and how frozen the mangos and bananas are. Real juicy oranges need more frozen mango!




Little Red Swedish Cottages

The literal image of Sweden is very often a little red cottage. As are volvos, midsummer and cinnamon rolls. Other things might be dala horses, an IKEA building and Swedish fish. Blond people, Pippi Longstocking, elks and lucia are others. What are yours?
Here are a few red little cottages for you!




What are your images? Share in the comments (the bubble image next to the headline or below).

#worldcolors Green

If you’ve followed my blog you know I like photography. That’s why I immediately joined #worldcolors when I stumbled upon Naomi’s blog post. According to it March is all about Green! But is it really? Well, in my part of the world it is fairly grey right now; cold, winter and no snow at all. If you read my blog post the other day you know I’m more than ready to welcome spring and green colors into my world again.

For the photo project #worldcolors I first planned to go through old photos to find the lush green ones, filled with memories from all over the world. Then on Friday I spent a few hours outside in the biting cold and decided to make #worldcolors Green a real challenge. I would look for green objects to shoot during the day – outside. And yes it was quite a challenge, but a fun one! Below are my green finds! Please feel free to join the #worldcolors! You still have a couple of weeks to find your take on green!