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iHanna’s fall postcard swap

We all want to get mail. The right kind of mail. Forget e-mail, bills and surveys. MAIL as in postcards. Lovely handwritten postcards. Wouldn’t you like this? I made a small challenge earlier this fall – I suggested to a few twitter peeps that we all would send five postcards to friends that particular weekend. I guess we all sent store bought ones. Well, actually I sent one DIY card.

I’ve just been presented with another opportunity to craft and send my very own postcards. This time to people I have never met. How exciting isn’t that? Another bonus is that I get DIY cards in return!

Handcrafted mail! Do I have your attention? Yes? Thought so! Move over to iHanna’s web to read more. Hanna is one of these lovely creative ladies that inspire folks to do stuff like this. Twice a year she hosts a Do it Yourself Postcard Swap. All you need to do is sign up, pay 6 bucks for administration and drag out your stash of creative treasures. Or grab a magazine from the paper recycling box and start tearing pics out for collages. It can all be made simple as long as you are having fun with it! Create ten handmade postcards in any style, mail them and start enjoying that walk to your mailbox.

Create, connect & share – that’s the swap slogan!

I started on a few postcards the other day, while doing other creative work. This is how it looked. Base is red but I am sure that will change!


DIY postcard swap
DIY postcard swap

I am looking forward to not only creating and receiving DIY postcards but also to discover and follow the progress of participants in the postcard swap!

Are you in?

Postcard in Swedish is vykort. Vy means “view” and kort means “card”.


Red and ripe and Swedish lesson

Swedish strawberries.
Svenska jordgubbar.
So sweet and longed for. We Swedes always claim Swedish strawberries are the best; special. Grown in the open, taking their time to ripen they are a must on Midsummer. As almost every day during summer. Is there a better snack really? I love having them for breakfast too. On top of the muesli and sometimes on a piece of freshly baked bread with cream cheese.

Sometimes I pick my own strawberries; living in Switzerland a Swedish friend and I hired a babysitter to take the babies on a walk along the fields so we could introduce the toddlers to strawberry picking! Not price smart, however that was not the point.

Swedish lesson:

en jordgubbe – a/one strawberry
två jordgubbar – two strawberries
den jordgubben – that strawberry
mogna jordgubbar – ripe strawberries
Jordgubbarna är söta. The strawberries are sweet.
jordgubbssylt – strawberry jam
jordgubbssaft – strawberry juice/squash/cordial
en jordgubbstårta – a strawberry cake
att rensa jordgubbar – to rinse strawberries
att snoppa jordgubbar – to hull strawberries

Text to speech – listen to pronunciation of Swedish

Do you want to know how a word in a foreign language is pronounced? I found a website – Acapela – ; providing native speaking voices for 30 different languages; often also different local dialects. I tried Swedish and it worked well. So go ahead and listen to pronunciation of Swedish.

Interested in learning Swedish?

Books anyone?

Today is an important day to Swedish book lovers. Although the significance is less since the beginning of online shopping, it is still a day to look forward to for many people. Today marks the start of the annual book sale. According to tradition many book stores open early, sometimes even just past midnight. It’s the “Black Friday” of Sweden. This annual sale is important to the book business, and it’s not only going on in book stores but in general in every store that carries books – even online.

If you are learning Swedish you have a chance of picking up a thesaurus or a Swedish vocabulary book. A good idea is to get a Swedish cookbook or children’s books; even if you don’t have kids! They are great for practicing a language.

I think I am going to get my hands on “Snacka snyggt – modern retorik” by Elaine Eksvärd – a book about speaking, or more probably about listening! Bokus

Another book I will take a look at is “Swedish christmas”; in English, 75 kr at Bokus. Recipes, traditions and tips, photos and inspiration – perfect if you are new to Sweden or as a gift to Swedes abroad.

Any recommendations for books to buy?