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Fika the Swedish way

Fika is the Swedish soul.

Fika is coffee/tea/juice/whatever-except-alcohol.

Fika is our daily excuse to savor cinnamon rolls/pastry/cake/cookies.

Fika is a daily routine at our work places. Twice a day actually.

Fika is when Swedes are not taciturn.

Fika is #fika on twitter.

Fika is at home. At the office, at a café.

Fika is at the playground, in a park and in our gardens.

Fika is for business and pleasure.

Fika can be just a cuppa.

Fika is always right.


Sunday brunch

What can be more perfect for a lazy Sunday than a brunch?

Having it at a restaurant, and on the spur of the moment inviting good friends to come along makes it even more enjoyable. This was actually the second time I spontaneously invited someone over or to come along in just a few days and it worked well with everyone’s normally busy schedules.

There is usually something for everyone; every taste bud and every age. Fruit salad, burgers and cheddar cheese, hash browns, salmon sandwiches, pancakes with maple syrup, toast, Caesar salad, bagels, cake, virgin Marys, melon, chicken, egg & bacon, vegetables and PB & J sandwiches. It doesn’t end there but you get the hang of it.

We visited the American brunch at Hotell Liseberg Heden, Gothenburg; “Brunch Americain”. Good selection, friendly staff and affordable prices, especially for children. The marshmallows and chocolate sauce was a hit at our table …

Oh, it did mean I had to cancel my scheduled zumba. Sometimes you just can’t have it all.