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Me-time. Tea-time?

YOU are a top priority. Don’t forget that.

I’m not saying your kids are not but think about it; how can you assist and care for others if you don’t take good care of yourself? We all know what to do in case of sudden oxygen pressure drop in an aircraft, don’t we? If you’re an expat you have heard the drill innumerable times by now. Well, same goes for being on the ground. Make sure you get some Me-time once in a while. Create Me-time to make things that make you feel really good. A dinner out with a friend, or half an hour to yourself in a nice relaxing bath with a magazine (door locked to prevent kids from entering).

My advice to you is to schedule the Me-time since
– you have something to look forward too
– it is much more likely to happen if it’s planned.
– your family is part of the plans for your time alone
– it’s easier to make it regular

What’s your Me-time favorite pass time?