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Hello mailbox – where have all the postcards gone?

Don’t you just love getting proper mail? I’m not talking about the data filling up your e-mail inbox. I’m talking about crisp letters you can actually feel in your hands; slowly tear open to reveal its content. Proper letters and postcards are special. Magazines are fine too. Bills and flyers are what mostly greet me when I peak into my mail box though. Sad. But I have to admit I don’t send many cards myself by postal service (unless it’s Christmas). And letters – almost never. Most of my postal mail exchange is with expat friends, or friends I got to know during my expatriate adventures. Sometimes I also send letters to my Swedish conversation students, containing articles from magazines and newspapers to read and work with.

The other day I stumbled upon a cool project on swapping postcards. You send 10 DIY postcards and get 10 back. Problem solved :). Follow the link here to read more on iHanna’s blog! Hurry to sign up and get crafting! Be sure to visit the blog to see Hanna’s wonderfully colorful creations!

Cultural awareness even for the young

Presenting some photos from the playgroup activity a few weeks back! The children made a gingerbread creation for the annual exhibition/competition at Kulturhuset Fyren in Kungsbacka. Concentration and creativity, colors and craft! Multiculture and everyone being different was decided on to be the theme – as you can surely see! Teaching children about different cultures is key to tolerance and understanding. We all need to be aware of that people are different, and that that is ok! We do not have to accept their point of views, but understand that there are different views. And look at the picture below – amazing result!

different people, different nationalities, different cultures
we´re all different!

 more pictures