Gingerbread Day

Gingerbread Day

December 9 is apparently Gingerbread Day in Sweden. As I’ve said before – keeping track of all days in Sweden dedicated to Swedish pastries, cakes and cookies is probably a full time job. At least if you’re supposed to keep up with the baking yourself. Luckily there are bakeries and supermarkets more than eager to profit from these appointed days. In fact, they are part of the industry coming up with the days in the first place.

Well, I must say I thought all days in December were Gingerbread Days. At least when it comes to eating them.


essential vocabulary of the day:

en pepparkaka – a gingerbread biscuit

med kristyr – with icing (icing that hardens)

utan – without

even more essential:

många pepparkakor – lots of gingerbread biscuits

mums – yum, yummy



Photo shows result from multicultural gingerbread project last year. Kids and moms in my international network had fun while decorating for local exhibition at the library.






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