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Giveaway Swedish Conversation Classes

Giveaway Swedish Conversation Classes

Did you know that September the 26th is European Day of Languages?

To celebrate I am giving away one set of 2 Swedish Conversation Classes via Skype!

Learning another language is an excellent way to achieve a greater understanding of cultures that are not yet (fully) familiar to us. So, we do not only understand each other better in terms of the languages we are speaking but also because we develop our cultural competence. The Council of Europe wants to promote multilingualism, and on its initiative the European Day of Languages are celebrated on Sept 26th every year.

What about the giveaway?

A Swedish Conversation Class is perfect for you who might know at least a little bit of Swedish/have studied Swedish 😉  but are not really used to speaking the language. It also suits you if you do speak some Swedish but want to work on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and fluency.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway for a chance to win Swedish Conversation Classes is to

  • leave a comment below telling me the best parts of learning Swedish via Skype. Don’t forget to leave your contact info
  • like Globatris on Facebook if you haven’t already
  • and share this post

One winner will be selected, at random.  If you are the winner you will be contacted via the information you have provided in the comments (e-mail, Twitter, Facebook etc.). Together we will then schedule the lessons,  which must have been taken by end of Nov 2013.

Giveaway open for entries until Oct 3, 2013.

Read more on Swedish classes here

Only one entry per person. Lessons cannot be substituted for money.


You can read more about the European Day of Languages here.

One thought on “Giveaway Swedish Conversation Classes”

  1. I have tried to learn the Swedish language before– mainly using the Rosetta Stone software. And while this program is very good, I think learning to speak Swedish through conversation classes via Skype would be much more beneficial to me. The main benefit that I can see if that by having a conversation with a native Swedish-speaker on Skype, I will have immediate feedback on how I am pronouncing words and can then make any necessary corrections. Plus, I imagine that having a conversation class would be more informal and probably feel much less like a language lesson. In addition, this format of class would allow you, the teacher, to customize the material to me.

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