Swedish music in Swedish series

Swedish music in Swedish

I know I just recently posted a tip for you for Swedish music in Swedish. I wasn’t planning on doing it again so soon but I just had to share this gorgeously soft tune, reeking with nostalgia, with you. It is like wrapping yourself in a blanket with a cup of tea – “lagom” hot of course -, watching the leaves sailing through the fall sky to find comfort on a soft, emerald lawn.

The daughter of Ted Gärdestad, Sara Zacharias, found a hidden treasure of her father’s unpublished songs. It took a few years before she decided to record them herself, and here is the beautiful result. Not only the music is Gärdestad, but also her face; the eyes! Sara says this is it; she will not pursue a career in singing; she just wanted to share these songs. Well thank you!

Source Metro

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