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Learn the Swedish language by listening to music

Learn the Swedish language by listening to music

Learning a language it is beneficial to listen to and sing along to music in that language. You learn new words but more importantly you get a sense of the rhythm and intonation of the language, as well as learning pronunciation.

Below is a link to a popular summer song in Swedish, by Tomas Ledin. It is called “Sommaren är kort” – summer is short.

video with sing-along text.

To learn the Swedish language by listening to music you need to pick up the words in the song. I have made a Sommaren är kort – glosor translating Swedish into English.

Sing along!

3 thoughts on “Learn the Swedish language by listening to music”

  1. For anyone who can get Spotify, there is a fantastic learning resource in Tunigo, the lyrics app.

    * Open Spotify
    * Click on “App Finder”
    * Find and add “Tunigo” (nothing is actually installed). It’s now added to your Apps list.
    * Play any track with Swedish lyrics – something reasonably popular, else lyrics might not yet have been added yet
    * Click back on Tunigo in your Apps list

    Now you’ll see the lyrics coming up line by line.

    Here’s a Spotify playlist of Swedish songs. Follow it:

    Found the playlist here:

    ..and don’t forget Monica Zetterlund:


    1. Excellent! I think the app is TuneWiki though. I had it added already but had never before tried it. Now I have and it worked on the first song! It left out the Swedish letters Å Ä Ö though, but not in the second tune. Really useful!

      Thanks! Tack!


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