Yard work season has begun!

I love spending time in the garden. I love to be able to just open the door and step outside. As a Swede I can sometimes feel the pressure of seizing the not rainy days; “we need to go out and play kids”! I found it very relaxing on the weather front (;)) living as an expat in Switzerland- so what if we stayed inside on a sunny day; I knew there would soon be more to follow!

I actually quite enjoy yard work. There is something truly meditative about it. You can let your thoughts wander or simply not think about anything at all. The one thing I could do without though is going after the slugs …

The garden season started this week. So far it’s been about cutting down last year’s dry and dead plants, and inhaling the smoke from the neighbor’s garden fire. And I got to wear my new garden gloves.


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