Stop and listen #8

How was your day? Did you have time to enjoy it; time to reflect over whether you enjoyed it or not? Did you take your time to just stop and use your senses – see the beauty around, smell the air, feel and listen? It’s easy to be far too busy.

A trailing spouse is usually also fully occupied with seeing to that the family is settled – schools, activities, medical health care, friends, sports, pets, getting tv & telephones, internet, electricity, taking language courses, grocery shopping by dictionary, apart from tedious but necessary paperwork, furnishing the house when the shipment finally arrives as well as feeling the need to be to the point of aggressively social to try to make new friends and creating a network. Seriously. Where’s the time to stop and think about yourself? Well make sure you do – you are the glue holding your family and the assignment together! Take good care of you!

A built in reminder is to be found in the streets of Kungsbacka, Sweden. In case one forget. Some of the paving stones have been replaced with art pieces of messages. I guess to make you pause for a minute to just … be. The stone in the picture urges you to listen. Did you today? Stop everything and listen?


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