Today I visited the Swiss Alps. And Versailles. And Asia.

Today I felt like visiting the Swiss Alps. So I did. It was snowy on Jungfrau-Aletsch, but the impressive view spanned over a green landscape. It was fairly cold up here though so I longed for a warmer place. And wished to experience the beautiful coast of southern Liguria once again. I did. Cinque Terre.

I also took a stroll in the park of Versailles. Since I was already there, nothing could stop me from peeking inside the castle.

One word of hint: googleworldwondersproject

Alright, four words: Google World Wonders Project

If you haven´t been – GO!

Tomorrow perhaps I will take my family on a trip to Yellowstone. Or Stonehenge. Possibly both.

Nothing beats real life. But if you can´t go, right when you want to, this project takes you. I find it fascinating, as I do with the Google Art Project.


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